Our facilities are located in Paços de Ferreira, Porto, Portugal. We provide a fully equipped and spatious complex, completely dedicated to music production.

You’ll have access to our rooms with the hardcore technical specifications and equipment that is needed for the job. However, we are also from believers that a great studio is not only about the gear. Artists need to feel refreshed and draw inspiration from their surroundings in order to get “that” best take possible.

Recording Room

The main star of the show, where all the magic happens.

This room was carefully crafted for acoustic perfection in a brilliant partnership with Artnovion Acoustics. We’re still amazed at how this room breathes a new life into music. Space will not be a problem: you have 100 m² available to unleash your best dream take, to record your live video or to record the best commercial voiceover.

We will be there to make that happen.

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Control Room

The control room is the natural habitat for the sound engineer.

This is where your recordings are edited and also where all the mixing and mastering happens as well. Just as with our recording room, the control room was acoustically built and tested by Artnovion Acoustics to meet the demanding requirements of any sound engineer. This room has 27 m² and a very pleasing natural light.

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Even the mightiest of the warriors eventually need rest. We have two bedrooms available that have proven to be exceptionally useful, especially if you’re from out of town or even if you just want to take a quick nap. We provide clean sheets for you and rooms are cleaned every day.

With these bedrooms we are prepared for several possible scenarios. Do you want to bring your own producer along with the entire band? No problem, we’ve got it covered!

  • Bedroom 1 can accommodate up to 8 people in comfortable and large bunks. It is equipped with separate private restroom and showers.
  • Bedroom 2 can accommodate up to 3 people and also has its own private bathroom.


The lounge is a very important place for everyone. This is where you can have a meal, where you relax, where you can debate ideas in a relaxed environment. It includes an outdoor private terrace for those really hot days (even though we do have air conditioning).

It is equipped with a kitchen if you feel like cooking but we also have a partnership with a local restaurant to bring you all the food you like.


The complex blends with its surrounding nature, very close to the nearest highway A42